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VeSys and Capital are the leading design software for Electrical Systems Design and Harness Engineering. Used by leading automotive, aerospace, harness makers and many others, VeSys and Capital are built to support the complex demands of modern integrated design processes.
Fundamental to the philosophy of VeSys and Capital are the belief that design data management is central to solving the problem of electrical design complexity. So, in addition to providing the drawing and design definition functionality required for each phase of the design process, VeSys and Capital go one step further – by providing a data-centric backbone that integrates each and every part of the design process.
Data-centricity is the key feature that differentiates VeSys and Capital from other design tools, providing a step change in design speed and quality by automating many steps in the design process, streamlining the flow of information as the design matures, and eliminating many of the time-consuming and error-prone data-entry tasks required by traditional design tools.

Electrical and Wire Harness Design Products
VeSys is the choice for companies with small design teams where ease-of-use and value are as important as functionality. Optimized for rapid deployment and low IT footprint, VeSys helps users achieve dramatic ROI using powerful yet intuitive functionality.  
Capital is the choice for companies designing complex products with large design teams where close collaboration and integration is paramount. Create better designs faster and maintain tight control over all aspects of the process.  
Compare VeSys and Capital
Not sure which product is best for you?

Then use this simple matrix to help find the right product. The orange symbols show the best product fit for each requirement.

Both VeSys and Capital can support all of the requirements shown in the matrix – your choice is between lower-cost (VeSys) or high automation (Capital).

Not every company falls neatly into one product category or the other, so if you’re uncertain take a look at each of the products on this site or contact us (TRIAS) for help.

And remember—VeSys designs and data are fully compatible with Capital, so if you’re still in doubt you can start with VeSys and upgrade to Capital later. Need more advice?
Contact TRIAS

Chart: Compare VeSys and Capital

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