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Trias Romania

Registered Company Name and
Publisher of the TRIAS Web Site
TRIAS Mikroelektronik GmbH

Registration Number
Krefeld, HRB Nr. 6059

Managing Director
Klaus Steinheuer (CEO)

Tax Number
DE 184 031 169

Moerser Landstr. 408
D-47802 Krefeld

Telephone: +49 (0) 2151 / 95301-0
Fax: +49 (0) 2151 / 95301-15

Electronic Addresses
Email: info(kein_spam)trias-mikro.de
URL: http://www.trias-mikro.de

Email Addresses of the Departments

Bank Details
Volksbank Niederrhein e.G.
D-46519 Alpen
BLZ 354 611 06

Account Number (Euro): 8 504 288 014
IBAN: DE44 3546 1106 8504 2880 14

Account Number (Dollar): 8 504 288 022
IBAN: DE22 3546 1106 8504 2880 22


Foundation of the Company
Zone 2 Media GmbH
Am Wasserturm 6
D-40668 Meerbusch
Telephone: +49 (0) 2150 / 70566-0
Fax: +49 (0)2150 / 70566-77

Legal references, quality protection, exclusion of liability
TRIAS makes every effort to permanently provide correct, up to date and complete information on its web site, therefore at any time changing or completing it when necessary and without previous announcement. Nevertheless we have to exclude any guarantee, liability or warranty concerning correctness, actuality and completeness. This also applies to all references, so called hyperlinks, which TRIAS offers on its web site directly or indirectly. TRIAS can not take any responsibility for the contents of such external sites, which you can reach via a link or other references. Furthermore TRIAS is not liable for direct or indirect damage (including lost profits) due to information found on these external web sites.
The content of the TRIAS web sites is under copyright. Nevertheless TRIAS concedes you the right to safe or copy texts provided on its web site wholly or in part, as long as you need them for your own and immediately professional or personal purposes. Passing the contents of our web site on to others against payment is not allowed. The copyright prohibits the storage and duplication of pictures and charts from our web site.
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