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TRIAS Consulting and Design Servicesoffers excellence and expertise in the deployment and adoption of Mentor Graphics tools, technologies and methodologies. Our extensive skills in verification, cabling, signal-integrity, FPGA- and PCB design solutions help customers meet design productivity and business objectives.

Working side-by-side with customers, TRIAS Consulting provides customized solutions to technical challenges on real projects with real schedules.

TRIAS Consulting
FPGA Design Flow Analysis
The selection of the design tools needed for specific design project is an important task that will impact the success of the project. We offer to help our customers with an analysis of their projects with a suggestion of tools and solutions that will help to get the project done very efficiently with high quality results.

Advanced Verification Methodologies
The problem of today’s verification process is to know what functionality has been proven to work, when the verification is complete and how to get there quickly. Modern verification languages like SystemVerilog provide the means that help to achieve these goals. We offer to establish a verification process in your organization that takes advantage of these capabilities so you can quickly get started with the verification of your design and achieve coverage closure as efficiently as possible.

TRIAS Services
Board-level Signal Integrity Simulation Service
  • Are you designing PCBs with high-speed digital signals using only rules-of-thumb?
  • Are you really sure that you do not have Signal Integrity issues?
  • You do not trust the investment into SI analysis software would pay off
If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then we are here to help you with our offer for signal integrity and crosstalk simulation services.
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Board-level Power Integrity Simulation Service
  • Are you designing dense PCBs with several power & ground planes and low supply voltages or narrowvoltage margins?
  • Are you worried about high current densities on your boards?
  • Do you want to reduce your product costs by optimizing the number and values of the decoupling capacitors?
  • Are you worried about noise propagation through the power planes of your boards?
If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then we are here to help you with our power integrity simulation services.
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TRIAS VeSys & Capital Services
Conversion of electrical- and harness Drawings into Mentor Graphics VeSys 2.0 format

Electrical and harness drawings created with non-specialized tools (like e.g. Visio, Word, pen&paper) are very useful for documentation purposes, but do not contain any intelligence – they are only nice-looking pictures. You cannot validate their behaviour via simulation, you cannot automatically generate any reports and any Engineering Change Order (ECO) will consume at least as much time & effort as was spent when creating the respective design elements from scratch.

If you are starting using VeSys  and need to use your existing (legacy) drawings into intelligent VeSys schematics, or if you want to check the VeSys advantages on one of your existing drawings you would need to create them in VeSys from scratch, since there is no way to convert them automatically.
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VeSys & Capital Library Development- and Maintenance Service
The productivity and quality gains provided by VeSys and Capital, both products are from Mentor Graphics, rely heavily on the intelligence built into the component library. Both tools use component data for performing design checks (e.g. using a wire that is too thick for a given connector cavity), as well as for creating intuitive diagrams and comprehensive reports (e.g. wire lengths including add-on/knock-off values).
Therefore, building a correct and intelligent library is very important. Still, it is time-consuming and sometimes considered overhead, not a productive activity such as designing.

This is where TRIAS can help. You may offload this library-creation task to us, using our library development services, in order to focus your resources on design creation.
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VeSys & Capital Simulation Models Creation Service
A major advantage of using specialized tools, such as VeSys and Capital (both products are from Mentor Graphics), for creation wiring diagrams is the possibility of validating the electrical behaviour of those diagrams. To accomplish this task you need to attach simulation models to the devices, which are part of the wiring diagram.

If the needed models do not already exist in the standard library delivered with VeSys Design / Capital Logic, you need to create them using SAINT, our proprietary language, or the Model Builder Wizard included in either tool.

This is where TRIAS can help. You may offload this models creation task to us, using our library development services, in order to focus your resources on creating and validating your designs.
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